Success Story - Men's Socks

Category Issues

  • Retailer sees upside to add at least $100 million in annual category sales
  • Need to increase profit margin
  • Cut spoils by at least $3 million per year
  • Improve in-stock condition and shopability
  • Address consumer interest in performance, fashion and style
Success Story - Men's Socks

Category Solutions

  • Adjust/align space to sales by style by brand
  • Adopt consistent horizontal set by brand by style
  • Color code packages and cases for all brands
  • Test "Next Generation" packaging options included banded
  • Authorize detail force to begin work in peak season
  • Implement improved signage/information package
  • Add New performance socks; reset section with 16 inch pegs
  • Marketing Results
    • Men's Socks consistent set increases annual category sales by 23%