Success Story - Food Bags, Wraps, Foils

Category Issues

  • 40% of shoppers find the department difficult to shop
    • Shoppers shop category by usage
  • Shelf merchandising is hap-hazard (Trays/PDQ's used for some cases - cut case from some, hand stacked for others)
  • Retailer captures only 26% of category purchases across all channels
Success Story - Food Bags, Wraps, Foils

Category Solutions

  • Transition from brand set to product type set
  • Utilize PDQs
    • Add category name to Aisle Sign
  • Fix assortment
    • Under assorted in sliders in storage bags
    • Under assorted in foil at the aggregate
  • Move section near food items to improve adjacencies
  • Outpost Food Bags to other departments
  • Marketing Results
    • Sales up +27% in new modular lipped trays
    • Shopper Conversion registers 48%