Executive Bios

Dennis Potts

Over 40 year career in retail store operations and merchandising/marketing.

  • 11 years supermarket operations and marketing/merchandise experience -- Safeway
  • 3 years supermarket operations inside a wholesaler operation -- Nash Finch
  • Nearly 30 years c-store operations and marketing/merchandising -- 7-Eleven

Supermarket operations experience includes individual and multi-store management

C-store operations experience includes regional responsibility for over 300 stores.

Supermarket marketing/merchandising experience includes buying, merchandise department management involving buying, pricing, advertising and promotion.

C-store marketing/merchandising includes local, regional, and national scope, including development of category management for 7-Eleven.

  • Introduced fountain soft drinks nationally for c-stores
  • Introduced self-service beverages for c-stores
  • Introduced pre-paid concepts into c-stores (phones, phone cards)
  • Introduced large size beverages (32 oz. and up) into c-stores
  • Developed unique store designs and presentations concepts for c-store industry